Why a Website Redesign Is the Best Time to Add Drift to Your Site

By Gauri Iyengar

A website redesign is no small undertaking. It can take countless hours, dozens of team members, and multiple weeks or months to bring together (trust us, we know). It’s a massive investment and can be chaotic even with the best team and strategies in place. And we often hear from businesses that are in the middle of a website redesign that it’s not the right time for Drift.

But, a website redesign is actually the perfect time to add Drift to your site. Read on to find out how Drift can both improve the experience of your new site and drive better results once you go live.

1. Know Who Is on Your Site

At Drift, we always stress the importance of starting with the “who”. Knowing your audience is critical to building the right experience. It allows you to curate a customer journey that gets results. In fact, starting with “who” is the first step to successfully implementing Conversational Marketing and Conversational Sales.

The same is true for your website.

As you’re redesigning your site and updating your creative and copy, don’t lose sight of who it’s all for – your (future) customer.

So whether you’re updating your website to explore new markets or rebuilding it to keep up with the competition, the best way to identify who’s interested in your solution is to take a closer look at the traffic coming to your site. With Drift Audiences, you can not only build your ideal customer profile, but you can also start engaging with them in a more personal way.Drift Audiences

Learn how Drift uses Drift Audiences to improve the website experience.

2. Personalize the Experience

Personalization is not optional. 80% of customers are more likely to buy from a brand that offers a more customized experience.

And that’s what your website is here to do – sell. But how do you customize every page on your site without growing your page count ten-fold?

Drift Chatbots allow for real-time personalization at scale. Here’s how to put them to use:

Start Conversations with Your Target Accounts

Once you’ve identified who is on your site and defined your target accounts, the next step is to roll out the red carpet. If you’re leveraging account-based marketing, Drift makes it easy to customize your website for your high-value accounts by creating a unique experience with a tailored solution.

Target Account Experience

Double Down on Paid Ad Spend

You’re likely paying to generate traffic to your brand new website. Wouldn’t it be great to eke out more return on that spend by improving conversion and offering a consistent and custom experience?

A “paid ad converter” bot is a simple (but effective) way to engage with those paid visitors and drive them further down the funnel while also increasing the ROI from your marketing investments.

Paid Ad Converter

Talk to Visitors on High-intent Pages

As you’re transforming your website, you’ve likely spent time reviewing the performance of each page and measuring how many conversion (and how much revenue) it’s driving. And you’ve probably uncovered high-intent pages like “contact us” and “pricing” that are driving conversations and converting more of your site visitors to leads and more of your leads to prospects.

With Drift, you can easily add a bot to these high-intent pages to drive even more conversations that convert into revenue.

Pricing Page Bot

Learn how to get your pricing page (and other) bots up and running.

3. Accelerate Website Revenue

So you’ve identified who is landing on your shiny new website and you’ve set up some custom experiences for high-value accounts and high-intent pages.

Now what?

A conversation cannot be one-sided. There’s no point in driving traffic to your website if your sales team doesn’t know they’re there. And there is literally no time to waste. 46% of customers expect a response in 5 seconds or less when using a chatbot.

Drift Chatbots immediately engage with site visitors, while sending a real-time notification to your sales team that lets them join the conversation and book a meeting. This not only reduces friction, it moves leads down the funnel faster and accelerates your revenue.

Real-time Notifications

Learn how to can implement a real-time sales and marketing strategy.

No matter the reason for your website redesign, NOW is the perfect time to implement Drift.

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