Introducing Drift Deal Room: Where Sellers & Buyers Get the Job Done

By Holly Xiao
Deal Room

Solution selling is complex. While B2B deals used to involve an average of 5.4 people in 2015, they now involve an average of six to 10 stakeholders. That’s more than a 30% increase 📈

It’s no wonder sales cycles are getting longer — and more convoluted.

Here’s a question: How many opportunities are you working in any given week? I hope you can count that number on your fingers. But (taking a wild guess), you’re probably juggling way more.

So here’s another question: Are you providing a VIP experience for all your buyers?

Experience is everything. According to Northridge Group, 72% of consumers will likely switch brands after just one bad experience. Taking a Conversational Sales approach and focusing on the customer experience will help you build trust, shorten sales cycles, and improve close rates.

Introducing Drift Deal Room

That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to the newest product in our Conversational Sales solution — Drift Deal Room.

Drift Deal Room is a digital space where buyers and sellers collaborate. It streamlines complex deals by consolidating conversations, stakeholders, and resources into a single, shared hub. This way, you can transparently guide buyers through the customer journey to keep deals moving.

Now that you know what Drift Deal Room is, let’s take a closer look at how it works ⚡️

Introducing Drift Deal Room

Streamline Conversations to Shorten Sales Cycles

Purchasing software can be a full-time job. And buyers are constantly communicating back and forth between sellers and internal stakeholders to navigate unclear and complex processes. At the same time, they have to dig through emails, outdated spreadsheets, and Slack threads to find relevant information and resources.

Sellers are no different. Think about how much time you spend every day searching through archives for past conversations or critical information.

It can become a tangled web pretty quickly 👇

Old Way vs. New Way of Selling

Drift Deal Room introduces a new way of working with buyers. It consolidates all your shared content and communication into a single place so information doesn’t get lost — no matter how long your sales cycle is. Use Drift Deal Room as a single source of truth for past conversations, action items, and resources.

You’ll be able to spend less time searching through archives and have more time for conversations. Now that’s how you give every deal the VIP experience.

Bring Everyone Together in the Buying Process

Remember how I mentioned that most deals now involve six to 10 decision-makers? Well, each of those decision-makers brings different perspectives, preferences, and challenges to the table. So it’s essential to have the right stakeholders in the room and set expectations from the get-go.

But you’re not just collaborating with buyer committees. You’re also problem-solving with internal peers and managers to win business.

See next steps in Deal Room.

Drift Deal Room enables seamless collaboration between your internal team and entire buyer committees in one central location. Everyone involved will be able to have conversations, share files, manage action items, schedule meetings, and more — directly in Deal Room.

This way, you can easily adapt to changing requirements and maintain alignment with buyer committees to remove friction from the buying process and close deals, faster.

Optimize Your Time with Prioritization

With Drift Deal Room, it’s never been easier to know where your account stands, so you can strategically prioritize where to spend your efforts.

See who, what, and how buyers interact with your business.

People who genuinely want to buy from you will engage and communicate with you.

Drift Deal Room lets you see who, what, and how buyers interact with your business throughout their entire journey. So when it’s time for your next deal review, you’ll come to the table with a clear picture of deal activities and trajectory.

And if you notice opportunities with lower engagement, you can rely on Drift Video, Drift Chat, Drift Email, and more to help you nurture deals in the right channel at the right time and keep them moving in the right direction.

It doesn’t matter how many deals you’re working on. With Drift Deal Room, you’ll be able to stay on top of every deal to deliver VIP experiences for everyone.

It’s time to shorten deal cycles and drive more wins.

to learn more about Drift Deal Room and see if it’s right for your sales team, Get a demo today.

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